Creative Interiors

The relationship between how a creatively designed space positively impacts mood, perception and productivity is intuitively profound. We also ensure that in the process of designing interior spaces in collaboration with interior designers who are the best in the business, the colors & elements scheme is consistent with your personal value system, if you are an individual, or the brand personality and brand values, if yours is an organization. The idea is for your interior spaces to be a true reflection of your core values.

Architect Studio

Brands/companies today, in their quest to expand business operations within Nepal, look to replicate the space design of their consumer touch-points all across to preserve the sanctity of the brand and its values. Pedal Group can partner with your organization to act as brand custodians and maintain uniformity at all of its partner outlets in Nepal to offer the same consumer experience.

Remodeling and Refurbishing

One needs to shed the old to be able have a glimpse of the new. The only constant is change and if you are looking to remodel or refurbish your space, we will provide the best solution to your desires by understanding what exactly is your need and accommodating the project requisites within your stipulated budget.  

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