Budding Artist Curation

Music permeates all aspects of Nepalese life. It is in our heads, runs in our veins and transmutes our very existence to create perfect harmony, both on the inside and on the outside. No surprises then, that Pedal Group is on a keen lookout for budding artists with genuine talent. If one has the talent and drive, we will nurture the overall personality and musical development, and create the right avenues of promotions via traditional and digital medias to transform potential into a commercially viable musical career.

OST – Licensing and Distribution

The music industry can be a challenging maze to traverse for an artist just starting out, with copyright infringement and royalty disputes a common trait of the trade. Once we take an artist onboard or any other artist if they so desire, we shall ensure no such hassles crop up by taking care of all licensing and distribution, as per the law of the land. You go ahead and conquer the world with your music, while our team at Pedal does all the due diligence for you.

Artist Management

With our Artist Management services, we promise to be the guiding light for your musical career to blossom and achieve its true potential. Be it negotiating terms of contract with a record company, album launch, copyright and royalty protection, scouting for the right gig opportunities and liaising with various stakeholders to catapult your musical career to the next level, Pedal Group has your back covered. We are here to polish the rough edges for you to shine like a diamond!

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