Artwork and Design:

Our experienced graphic team understands that visual representation of a marketing idea has to be aesthetically appealing, visually pleasing and strategically consistent with the ethos of the brand. We take intensive care to prepare artworks of designs appropriate for further printing/processing by aligning with vendors directly. Every care is taken at the ideation, design and artwork process to deliver the best output.

Jingle and A/V Productions:

Radio and Television, though slightly losing relevance in recent days, still has considerable engagement in our marketplace. Creating jingles for radio-spots and television commercial, with the highest production values, that can be broadcast at theatres, TV channels or any other digital media that captures the imagination of people is another forte of our team at Pedal. 

Video and Photography Services:

Today’s digital age runs on the fuel of content, be it video or still images. More and more people today engage with compelling content, mostly on their smartphones, that aids the marketing objectives of companies today. Communicating brand relevant information that complies with the ethos of the brand is what we are really good at, liaising with the best videographers and photographers working in the industry today.

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