Partnership Development

Partnership Development is a process by which a firm, seeking to form partnerships, approach potential partners in advance to reduce the risk of providing incorrect ideas. The process involves firms ask a structured set of questions in the form of polling, open-ended feedback and with a mindset towards solving real problems for them.

Collaborative Campaigns

Organizations can campaign together in a range of different ways from loose networks to more formal structured coalitions and alliances and often collaborative working evolves over time in order to respond to external factors. Establishing a unified voice can offer unique opportunities to influence key decision makers and achieve change, but collaborative working can present particular challenges as well. We have a range of resources to support you in exploring the options of collaborative working and avoid some of the stumbling blocks.

Sponsorship Association

Sponsoring a particular nature of events or activities, that align with the values of a brand, can be a great way to leverage the existing business potential and brand equity to further the interests of your own brand. Our team can help you find the apt sponsorship opportunity that sits well with the vision of the direction you envisage your brand taking.

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