Department Specific Business Solutions

A business solution comes in terms of marketing, payroll, auditing, accounting market research and analysis, among other essential business activities. Pedal offers specialized business solutions by correct identification of the department that has problems, do a root-cause analysis, suggest effective methods of solving the problem and put in place a mechanism to avert similar problems in the future. The idea is to create cohesion of all business functions to achieve common organizational goals.

Business Research

There are times when an organization has hit a roadblock, wants to maintain a status quo or is looking to explore new areas of business. In any of these situations, thorough business research is required using state-of-the-art methodologies to objectively analyze the intended area of research. We have in place at Pedal, systems and resources to effectively engage in objective research to arrive at a desired conclusion.

Executive Growth Training

Acquiring quality talent and retaining them for considerable periods of time is a challenge. Moreover, such talent is also actively interested in personal development on a consistent basis. Pedal Group offers Executive Growth Training to cater expressly to such organizational needs by imparting managerial acumen and knowledge.

Experiential Marketing

We at Pedal, are pioneers of experiential marketing in Nepal. An advertising strategy that focuses on helping consumers experience a brand, experiential marketing veers off course from traditional strategies that broadcast brand and product benefits to a wide audience. Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing may be comprised of a variety of marketing strategies geared towards immersing consumers within the product by engaging them in as many ways as possible. Ultimately, companies utilizing this strategy want to help customers form memorable, emotional connections with a brand to foster customer loyalty and improve customer lifetime value (CLV).

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