Campaign Development

Every campaign that a brand wants to run in a market or across markets has its own set of objectives that also needs to be consistent with the ethos of a brand. Building the premise of the campaign, creating all requisite creative collaterals and forging the execution roadmap is important. Favorable audience response to any campaign is crucial as it may have a direct impact on sales, profitability and brand image. That is why we at Pedal pay extra attention to all the minute details for planning, developing and executing a brand campaign.


Events are a perfect below-the-line activity that most brands associate with directly or indirectly. They are a mouthpiece to communicate to your Target Audience (TA), the ethos of the brand and what the brand really stands for. Consumers tend to develop a stronger emotional connect via events. The nature of these events could be entertainment-oriented or information-oriented. Apart from brand engagement events, our team can also deliver events that help in team-building or internal marketing of an organization.

Public Relations

If the brand image is the face of a brand, public relations is its heartbeat! Building a positive idea of a brand via traditional and digital medias is crucial in determining how a brand is perceived overall. Pedal, as an integrated marketing company, very well understands that building favorable brand image and developing it as time progresses as per the needs of the brand and ultimately sustaining it for perpetuity, is a crucial cog in the wheel for companies competing in very challenging marketplaces.

CSR Campaigns

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of marketing initiatives that companies undertake these days, with the express objective of creating goodwill in the community that it operates and to stand out as an entity that works for its welfare. Our team has the expertise to further develop any such existing endeavor/engagement or to scout for new avenues for future engagement, keeping in mind the unique propositions of the brand.

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